Guild Showdown

Guild Showdown

The Guild Showdown is approaching and you don't know how to optimise your registration? Here are some tips that can help your guild smash 'em all.

Troop type

One of the most successful approaches to the Guild Showdown is to alternate the troop types amongst the members of a same guild (Cavalry, Ranged, Infantry), so that, if you lose your fight, the next player will have sent the right troop type to counter your defeater, and move on to the next fight.

Because the order of the fights is driven by the guild's might ranking, you can deduce what to send by looking at your position in the guild might ranking:

If your might ranking is you send CAV

This can be quite tough to set up though, because might changes often. Ideally, all the members register at the same time.

If this is too complicated for your guild, you can look at the troop type the fighters around you are going with, and try to alternate accordingly. Otherwise, just go with the troop type you're the most powerful with.

Change your formation

If you don't have any smarter plan, go with the Phalanx of the troop type you send.

Maximise your attack

Switch your talents and gear to maximise the ATK your troop type (find your best war gears first). Maximise the army ATK too (i.e. the "Squad Offense" tiles in the talents tree). Once the ATK of your troop type is maximised, maximise its HP (and the army's too), and then only the DEF (lesser/no impact).

Pop up an army ATK boost (e.g. 50%). If you can and you have a prison at level 25, imprison leaders too: the higher the captured leader level, the higher the ATK boost. Executing them gives an additional ATK boost as well.

Select heroes and familiars

Select troops

Do not send any siege: there is no wall to take down, so they won't be of any use.

Send a full march of your troop type. If you don't have enough, fill with the type that would be defeated by the type you sent, i.e:


You can now finally register, and wait for the show to start!