Heroes when attacking

Heroes when attacking

Selecting the right heroes is one of the keys to a successful attack. Make sure that:

Given the list of available F2P heroes, we can come up with the best war teams depending on the troop type you're attacking with.


Choose at least 4 INF heroes, maximise INF ATK:


Choose at least 4 RNG heroes, maximise RNG ATK:


Choose at least 4 CAV heroes, maximise CAV ATK:

Side notes


When attacking, make sure one of the selected heroes is your leader, otherwise, your gear and talents won't apply.

Given the above lists, we can see that Rose Knight or Bombin' Goblin are good candidates for being your leader, as they end up in all battalions, meaning you won't have to change your leader before attacking (which can be easily forgettable). Those two should also be stationed on your wall anyway.

Event and P2P heroes

If you have event or P2P heroes, you can obviously use them instead of the ones listed above: just make sure you end up at least 4 heroes of the troop type you're attacking with, and that they help to maximise the ATK (for example, a legendary Rose Night is still better than a common Watcher).